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Share influx of goods ---- LED shoelace

Author:zhanglong  From:  Date:6/19/2016

LED shoelace

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      April is the month of recovery, grass, and flowers, and people start moving up, running it more thing. March and April, the annual warmer temperatures, like the people who run the night began to increase gradually, of course, prepare a pair of running shoes, this is a must. If accompanied by one pair LED shoelace That must have been pulling the wind oh.

       Let Xiaobian to introduce you to this week, the new LED shoelace, unique design, stylish, colorful design, colorful, fine structure, attractive appearance, condenser strong, good exposure, integrated light source and a battery, allowing you to flash bright debut! apply skating sports, outdoor sports, night running, a large festive party, concert, promotion, cheer, holiday promotions, birthday gift, creative novelty, convenient and practical.

      LED shoelace, made of PVC nylon cord and lamp composition, contains an internal LED light-emitting device, a small battery and a switch. Also switched by the switching control of three modes: long bright flash, slow flash, it will be tied up to the prom shoes, people will be more glorious. It has a strong emission time, in the case of long bright continuous discharge is: 30 hours, flashing or intermittent discharge is: 60-80 hours, normal 2-3 months; battery can be replaceable, convenience stores or supermarkets are sold . Like friends quickly pick up the phone to contact us!

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