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  Home >> News & Events >> LED decorative crown --- give you a romantic wedding
LED decorative crown --- give you a romantic wedding

Author:zhang long  From:  Date:6/19/2016

LED decorative light string Crown

Give you a romantic wedding

    Will dull life, why the general feeling, and love to accompany us through a morning a warm and romantic evening, miss the season, a piece of falling leaves, such as full of love butterfly, painful thoughts What is fate? The so-called fate is a beautiful encounter!

    There are two world can be called romantic love, one is the profound feelings of love, the other is a chance meeting in the United States, which in both cases are inseparable from the "fate" word. Happy marriage, not only because they have the sweet envy others, not just beautiful vows that period, but must withstand wash mundane years to fulfill Wanshou am under vows.

    Beautiful life in the most beautiful moment is wearing white wedding dress white veil covered his head, but this time parents who are not always felt something was lacking it? Then Xiaobian tell you is indeed what is too little. The following small series with a look at the Coronet, Xia Pei beautiful traditional Chinese wedding bride headdress bar. That is part of the headdress of the matter, the traditional headdress marriage are big and heavy, down a wedding tired, do not say, then head also wore a heavy burden.

    Then Xiaobian to tell you now, the traditional heavy and cumbersome crown is not it beautiful? 2032 light string copper wire wound on the crown blinking to show off the bright lights. LED Product Features: LED is called the fourth generation light source or green light, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, can be widely applied in various directions, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban night and other fields. High energy: saving energy is pollution-free and environmentally friendly. LED bride crown, the crown on the existing wound on our eco-friendly LED light string copper wire, which has a high degree of soft, flexible, free to bend, studded with diamond pieces bride Crown drilled in the mix, light and compact, and flexible spirit now with jubilation cheering, as if to say, I was not the most beautiful way.

    Parents who listened to explain Xiao Bian is not felt a great sense of surprise it? LED light string copper wire, its usefulness can be more than this Oh, a lot of it, want to know friends can contact us

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